Our Family

Our Family

Creole Cuisine’s family of employees is a conglomerate of human capital yielding expertise from all corners of the world. Together we invoke and practice a system of dedication to excellence that demonstrates consistency at all levels of the organization. Consistency, being our branding cornerstone, is what separates our New Orleans restaurants and daiquiri bars to make us a unique offering in this great city known for great food and culture. The dedication and contribution of the Creole Cuisine staff in executing our mission and agendas is what helps define us as leaders in this great industry.

Executive Team

Marv Ammari, Creole Cuisine Chief Executive Officer
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Marv Ammari
Chief Executive Officer

Richy Ammari, Creole Cuisine Chief Financial Officernts in New Orleans.
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Richy Ammari
Vice President

Zeid Ammari, Vice President
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Zeid Ammari
Vice President

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Phil Ebinger
Chief Financial Officer

Trent Anderson, Creole Cuisine Restaurant Concepts Senior Area Director of Casual Concepts
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Trent Anderson
Chief Operating Officer,
Casual Concepts

Jorge Henriquez, Chief Operations Officer, Upscale Concepts
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Jorge Henriquez
Chief Operating Officer, Upscale Concepts

Nick Ditta, Area Director, Big Easy Daiquiris & Crescent City Pizza Works
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Nick Ditta
Chief Operating Officer, Daiquiri Concepts &
Crescent City Pizza Works

Barbara Johnson, Creole Cuisine Director of Talent Development and Recruiting
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Barbara Johnson

Chief Human Resources Officer


Dwyre McComsey, Area Director, Upscale Concepts
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Dwyre McComsey
Area Director, Upscale Concepts

Thomas Burns, Area Director, Casual Concepts
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Thomas Burns
Area Director, Casual Concepts

Steven Lewy, Area Director, Casual Concepts
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Steven Lewy
Area Director, Casual Concepts

Bridget Terrio Perkins, Area Director, Big Easy Cafe & Daiquiris
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Bridget Terrio Perkins
Area Director, Daiquiri Paradise

Steven Marsella, Director of Culinary, Upscales
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Steven Marsella
Director of Culinary, Upscales

Ralph Pausina, Director of Culinary, Casuals Creole Cuisine Restaurant Group
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Ralph Pausina
Director of Culinary, Casuals


Derek Nettles, Director of Information Technology
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Derek Nettles
Director of Information Technology

Philip Lenz, Director of Human Resources
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Philip Lenz
Director of Human Resources 

Carol Miller, Creole Cuisine Director of Training and Development
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Carol Miller
Director of Training and Development

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Dreama Molson
Talent Acquisition Manager

Valerie Landry, Director of Sales
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Valerie Landry
Director of Sales

Michael E. Haag, Creole Cuisine Director of Purchasing
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Michael E. Haag
Director of Purchasing

Creole Cuisine’s family of New Orleans restaurants, located throughout the French Quarter and beyond, offers guests the opportunity to enjoy one of the most historical, unique locales in the United States. Immerse yourself in our culture while enjoying rich, local flavors in a variety of traditional and contemporary dishes.